Next Step Capital Partners™ invests in growing
companies in exchange for a share of future revenue.

Why we're unique

  • Repayment varies with revenue
  • Full ownership & control retained
  • No company valuation
  • Returns capped
  • Funds available in weeks

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What we're looking for

  • Market-proven product or service
  • Substantial growth opportunities
  • Profitable
  • High gross margins
  • Successful committed owners
  • Capital requirements $250K - $2M

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Private equity investors, venture capitalists and banks often require an equity share, collateralization, or personal guarantees. We eliminate these requirements by offering an investment in exchange for a percentage of future revenue. As a result, your management team and Next Step Capital Partners™ are fully aligned toward creation of sustainable topline growth.

Our innovative, revenue-sharing approach eliminates the complexities of securing funds and significantly reduces the time required to receive them. Whether launching a new product, expanding sales staff, or building inventory, we offer the right investment at the right time to fund your growth.

See “About Revenue-Sharing Investments” for more detailed information.

We understand the challenge of positioning your company for long-term success. We’ve been there – as entrepreneurs and executives for companies ranging from explosive start-ups to global corporations. Our experience and passion for building successful businesses is the key driver of Next Step Capital Partners™ innovative approach to investing.